The other day, I made a couple of thank you notes for the great gals (Lynn and Karla!) who hosted a fabulous crafting day last month. I thought that featuring these cards was a very appropriate way to launch my new blog. Why? Because I’m thankful.

I’m thankful that God has allowed me, through my Flylady blogging, to come to understand myself–and who He has made me–better. I’m thankful that He is faithful to show me how to incorporate this knowledge of myself into my practical, everyday, mom-to-many life. What did He show me about myself? He showed me that He made me with a deep desire to “create.” (I know, I know, I’m not creating something out of nothing like He did….) I’m thankful that He has given me a desire to make things to His glory and share them with others.

So…here are the cards:


And a closer shot:




And a closer shot:


For each card, I just started with a blank Wal-mart notecard and simply wrote the word “Thanks” in pencil. For the first one, I used English roundhand copperplate font and for the second, I used art nouveau. I used the back stitch to outline the words.

Then, I added a flower in daisy chain stitches (with French knots) to Lynn’s card and a grape cluster made of French knots (and more back stitching of the leaf) to Karla’s.

This was fun and easy to do. My only helpful hint is to loosely wrap the embroidery floss for the French knots or the pressure needed to bring the needle through the paper will tear it. And, as you can see, holding the paper too tightly while embroidering does cause a few wrinkles.

Now, I will THANK YOU for stopping by my new blog!


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    Laura said,

    Oh! I love ’em! The purple/grapes ones! ❤

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