Happy Birthday, Mom

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, a special gift-giving occasion. So, oh, was I excited when I saw my Silver Bella pal, Lynn’s, inspirational blog post a couple of weeks ago. The wheels started turning and they turned out this:

mom's whole necklace

Based on Lynn’s awesome idea, I first made a collage featuring my Grama Coffman’s photo. Then, with Clara’s awesome help, I scannned the collage and printed it out on ink-jet Shrinky Dinks paper (oh, how I adore Shrinky Dinks paper!), then baked it to get a little medallion.

mom's collage

Isn’t that little medallion so fun?

mom's necklace pendant

I had such fun making the collage. When I think of my grama, I think of cabbage roses. So, I got one of her old throw pillows, scanned it, cut out a couple of flowers from it and included them in the collage.

mom's necklace

One of my favorite parts of the collage is the embroidered part. I copied my grama’s penmanship when she signed a letter to my mom and then embroidered it.


With my primitive jewelry-making skills, I attached the pendant to a chain, added a little rose charm near the pendant and then started lengthening the chain with beads. I was so excited about incorporating some beads from Bead For Life that mom and I had purchased when I was visiting them last summer.

mom's necklace bead and charm detail

mom's necklace bead detail

I was totally tickled with the final result. And I think Mom was, too.

mom's whole necklace 2

And just to complete the ensemble, crafting Charlotte make Grammy a coordinating bracelet:

mom's bracelet from Charlotte

Happy Birthday, Mom!


5 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Mom said,

    Thanks, again, for this lovely gift! It has very special “meaning” for me and I appreciate all of your creative skills. Sounds like you had fun making it, too. I’ve already explained it to many admiring people!!!

  2. 2

    Paula said,

    I LOVE this….it is so great!……..and there are just endlass possibilities!……

  3. 3

    Laura said,

    Oh, oh, oh I just love sentimental gifts!!

  4. 4

    Paula said,

    okay, we must know how you scanned it as it appears that it is not glued down and thus could not be easily turned over onto the type of scanner we have as part of our copier……so tell, tell all

    • 5

      thetruevine said,

      I just taped it down with little masking tape loops so I could flip it onto the scanner but still take it all apart later.

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