Whole Life Crafting

I have so many crafting ideas in my head waiting to be executed that sometimes it feels like my allotted daily crafting time just isn’t enough to get all of the crafting done that I want to. This week, I felt like the whole week had passed without my getting anywhere near as much crafting accomplished as I would have liked. Then, I looked around and realized that I had been crafting all week…just not in the ways I had anticipated. For example…

…we made several Cinderella “flip” dolls this week:

3 flip dolls

We got the idea from The Storytime Craft Book by Kathy Ross. I am totally digging this book. I hope to own it, soon.

Eleanor's flip doll

Doesn’t Cinderella have a marvelous transformation?

Eleanor's flip doll 2

We also made The Three Bears, another idea from this groovy book.

3 bears

We’re having an encore performance–with Margaret as Goldilocks–right after supper tonight.

And if those two projects didn’t provide enough crafting for me this week, Amelia and I also pulled together the name tags for MOPS. This first meeting is Tuesday and I’m very excited about the theme: Momology: The Art and Science of Mothering. (Hence, the “art” name tags.)

MOPS nametags

And to top off my craftings this week, I made some origami with Charlotte at the Keepers and Contenders Club meeting yesterday afternoon.


Yes, I’m afraid that I cannot even begin to complain that I didn’t spend enough time crafting this week.


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  1. 1

    Sara B said,

    I am seriously impressed by the Three Bears. They rock. (As does Cinderella!)

  2. 3

    Sheree said,

    Yes, it does add up to alot of crafting! Alissa was reading an ‘origami’ story while she folded something out of the book tonight. Did she do it for your table? It was cute! I was thinking about what we might want to do with the girls/boys at club, and considering embroidery/counted cross stitch as one project. Might want to pick your brain on that one, maybe we could work together on that project, not sure who else does needlework. Have a good Sat! I have a HUMONGOUS trench in our west driveway and the sewer is NOT connected. Ewww!

  3. 4

    Clara W. said,

    I like the Cinderellas.

  4. 5

    Mom said,

    We need to see a repeat performance of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Those 3 bears were sooo cute. Love the flip dolls, also.

  5. 6

    Amelia said,

    The Three Bears are amazing.

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