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Fall is in the Air

Thanks to Family Fun magazine, we made some fun and colorful fall trees.


We wove bits of fabric and yarn through our brown-yarn-and-tree-branch-loop “looms.”



And we gathered the brown yarn into branches and wrapped the branches and trunks with more brown yarn.


I just love how they all turned out!



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Crafting My Best Life ROCKS!

I am getting so, so, so much out of my work in my Crafting My Best Life class. One exercise involved distilling a handful of core values from my answers to a thought-provoking set of journal prompts. Then, we wrote the values on rocks.


I was not surprised about some of the core values that I discovered.


But I was quite surprised at a couple of them.


It’s been exceptionally helpful to refer to these discoveries about my core values as I’ve continued to face some of Peter’s challenging behaviors. When “perseverance” and “responsibility” are two of my core values, it kind of explains what Joey affectionately calls my “stubbornness.” (Usually this stubbornness is a good thing, by the way–meaning that I don’t give up easily.)

AND, I got to use gesso for the first time ever in this class!

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A Little Project

My Silver Bella friend, Cherie, had a fun idea on her blog awhile back. I love the idea of adding some fun and color to a utilitarian object, so I thought I’d give it a go. This is what I turned out:


As you can probably tell if you looked at Cherie’s blog at all, I didn’t use any paints as my first step, primarily because Someone-who-shall-remain-nameless has taken my whole tote of acrylic paints and I’m not sure where they’ve ended up. Anyway…I just happily rifled through some scrapbooking scraps and glued away. I also found a bit of lace to glue on. And, of course, I couldn’t help but write something on the folder.


And now I have a colorfully decorated folder in which to keep my miscellaneous papers.

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Psalm 1 Embroidery Pattern on Etsy

I just added another embroidery pattern to my etsy store. Check it out!

Psalm 1 text


Psalm 1 stitch suggestion tree

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Using journal prompts provided in my Crafting My Best Life class, I’ve created this self-portrait. It was so. much. fun. I can’t even fully articulate the benefits I derived from completing this class project. It’s been such a blessing.


I like my pennants the best of all.


Do you recognize any of these peeps?


How about recognizing the part of the Bible covering my head?


As I said, this class has been a HUGE blessing to me so far. I’ve learned so much about myself and that helps me face and deal with my life’s challenges so much more effectively and efficiently. Plus, it’s just plain FUN to cut and glue and color and embroider!

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