Crafting My Best Life ROCKS!

I am getting so, so, so much out of my work in my Crafting My Best Life class. One exercise involved distilling a handful of core values from my answers to a thought-provoking set of journal prompts. Then, we wrote the values on rocks.


I was not surprised about some of the core values that I discovered.


But I was quite surprised at a couple of them.


It’s been exceptionally helpful to refer to these discoveries about my core values as I’ve continued to face some of Peter’s challenging behaviors. When “perseverance” and “responsibility” are two of my core values, it kind of explains what Joey affectionately calls my “stubbornness.” (Usually this stubbornness is a good thing, by the way–meaning that I don’t give up easily.)

AND, I got to use gesso for the first time ever in this class!


3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Paula said,

    Hey, we picked the right kind! Good for us!

  2. 3

    Mom said,

    Well, who knew there were soo many words to describe you! Hooray!!!

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