Silver Bella Swap Sneak Peek #1

If you happened to notice that there’s been mighty little action on this here blog lately, you’re either my husband, my mother, my sister or one of my children. (And if you’re NOT one of those people and you really DID notice that I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, please comment and I will figure out some kind of reward for your observational skills and dedication to my little piece of the internet!) ANYway, there has been a good reason for that: I’ve been spending every spare second finishing up my swaps for Silver Bella–which is less than two weeks away, now!

One thing I’ve loved, loved, LOVED about Silver Bella–and something that has been a delightful surprise to me–is the concerted effort made by Teresa McFayden and all of her Silver Bella helpers to create a sense of community before we all gather together for the Big Event. For example, I have been able to join a fabulous online group through which Silver Bella participants invite other gals to participate in a variety of swaps to be exchanged at the Big Event. I signed up for two group swaps and two one-on-one swaps and it has been an amazing journey, so far.

The “Love Chapter” swap is hosted by my new (real life) friends, Lynn and Karla.


We are each assigned a portion of 1 Corinthians 13.


And we create an ornament.


In fact, we create 17 ornaments: one for each other participant and one for our hostess, Teresa.


I have been working on these ornaments since July. I have to say that “Love is patient” has taken on a new depth of meaning for me. Shall I share what I have learned? Of course, since this is my blog and you can stop reading any time you are bored….

First, I have learned to be patient with myself. This is HUGE. Every latent perfectionist desire of mine had to be addressed over and over again. After all, I am creating these ornaments for fellow artisans who are gathering together to make things, to craft together. I don’t know any of these women very well, so I can’t say with certainty to myself, “Oh, it’s okay that this stitch isn’t perfect. Susie won’t mind.” Yet, that’s exactly what I had to say, over and over and over. By the time I had made 17 of these ornaments, I had actually convinced myself that it was okay if the stitches weren’t always perfect, that “Susie” really won’t mind.

Second, I learned to be patient with the process. It takes a lot of time, cumulatively, to make 17 of these ornaments. I had to plan and prioritize. I couldn’t procrastinate. Thanks to Flylady, I had the tools under my belt to achieve success in this area. For the most part, I completed these ornaments while keeping up with every one of my other responsibilities. (In other words, no one went hungry because I was too busy crafting.) With all of this going for me, I still had to plod along, week after week, patiently wading through the process of actually completing these ornaments.

Third, I think I’ve learned to be more patient with others. Several times, the needs of others conflicted with my plans or desires to craft. (Really? Imagine that in a family with 10 kids, two sons-in-law and a granddaughter! On the flip side, however, I have to thank Joey and the big kids, who often run interference for me.) Yet, because I had allowed myself enough time to complete this project without coming down to the wire, I could (relatively) patiently pause and meet those needs.

So…have I made up for the past two weeks, yet, by making this one post excessively long? If you’re still with me, thanks, Joey, Mom, Paula and kids! I love you all!

(Stay tuned…more Silver Bella sneaks coming up soon!)


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  1. 1

    Alissa said,

    I love how the ornaments turned out, Lisa!

  2. 3

    Kathy H said,

    I have noticed! I enjoy reading your blog! I imagine that we are sitting in Applebee’s and you are telling your story!

  3. 4

    Melinda said,

    I noticed!

    Wow, those are great ornaments–so much detail!

  4. 5

    MaryBeth Burns said,

    Okay, now I “get” the swap thing! These are just so beautiful and creativity oozes from them–great job (and a big job to do so many, too!)
    Sounds like your big weekend event will be a very fun and joyful time!

  5. 6

    MOM said,

    Great job. I think that I observed some of these in the creating process, while you were in Estes.

  6. 7

    […] saw earlier, I signed up to participate in the Love Chapter Swap. (If you missed my contribution, click HERE.) We swapped right after supper the first night and Karla and Lynn were very busy getting all of […]

  7. 8

    […] and Melinda Meuser both mentioned that they had noticed that I hadn’t posted recently in THIS post, I’m sending each of you an […]

  8. 9

    Laurie said,

    They are so beautiful — thank you for playing along and Happy New Year!!

  9. 10

    […] couching in some relatively recent projects (well, I guess it has been over a year since it was for a Silver Bella swap, but that’s relatively recently, isn’t it?), so I really tried to push myself with this […]

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