Josephine’s Jewels and Bonaparte’s Gift Workshops

The first two workshops that Joan and I attended were held by Kaari Meng. I learned a LOT about closing jump rings and, especially, about turning a loop. Improving these two skills impacts my enjoyment of jewelry making in a sky’s-the-limit way. First, we made a bracelet.


I LOVE this bracelet! See that grape cluster? Yep, I made it. I turned every one of those little loops!


Then, I made this necklace:


Do you see that one big bead? And those two little beads? And those two tiny beads sandwiching that pinkish bead? I made each of those units. Yesiree. By the time I was done turning loops for 2-1/2 hours to make that necklace, I considered myself an expert!


And I LOVE the end result. Plus, we had such a great time meeting people at our table and chatting the morning away as we beaded and looped. What fun!


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    seester said,

    Your jewelry turned out marvelous!!!! Fabulous job!

  2. 3

    […] As I was retrieving the black knit fabric from our knit fabric scraps box, I found, strangely, a couple of cards of elastic cording. This was just the cording I wanted to use to make a simple button bracelet inspired by the one that Kaari Meng was wearing when she taught our Silver Bella jewelry-making classes. […]

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