I’m Giving Thanks

Today–and every day–I give thanks to God for our four older children. This year, I am especially, especially grateful for them. We’ve had so many big challenges over the past year: suffering unfair job loss, starting a new business, changing churches, dealing with Peter’s mental health issues. At times, these challenges were overwhelming. Yet, our older children rose to every occasion and provided the support our whole family needed time and time again.

So, thank you, Amelia and Stephen!

Amelia and Steve on the beach

Despite being newlyweds and facing job challenges yourselves–not to mention giving birth to sweet Harriet–

Amelia and Harriet

you have been there for us!

Thank you, Clara and Levi!

Clara and Levi

Despite being newlyweds and working long hours yourselves–not to mention that you are expecting a baby–you have been there for us!

Thank you, Jacob!


Despite being totally responsible for your own full-time business, you have been there for us!

Thank you, Tim!


Despite having academic and ornithological goals, you have been there for us!

Without your support this year, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we would have been sunk. Thanks!


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  1. 1

    Alissa said,

    Awwww, they’re all so cute;) Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa!!

  2. 3

    Clara said,


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