Harriet’s First Christmas

For Harriet’s first Christmas, I crocheted her a mini-afghan to cover her car seat.


Now, when I started this afghan, I didn’t intend for it to end up as a mini-afghan for covering a car seat. I started it as a wedding present for Amelia and Stephen. I had this grand idea that I would make this afghan out of all of the old scraps of pink yarn that Amelia had used in her own crochet projects over the years. Because, OF COURSE, their room would be pink since Amelia’s room is always pink. But, when they filled out their wedding registry at Target, their room became blue and brown. Yikes! So, I set aside my project. Until…Harriet arrived! Aren’t these pink flowers cute?


I also made Harriet a Baby’s First Christmas ornament from my friend, Lynn’s, kit.


Is that not a.dorable?


The kit includes a “bare bootie” and a bunch of embellishments. And this kit was perfect because the bootie was made of music and the embellishments included tatted and crocheted pieces…all things Amelia likes! I love the little sparkly piece I put on the button that reflects the lights of the Christmas tree and the sweet little wreath.


And I personalized the bottom of the bootie.


I’m seriously going to make these for every one of my grandchildren. I LOVED putting it all together! Especially for this little sweetie!


She’s wearing pjs I bought for her last January! And in the next photo, she’s wearing the sweet dress Amelia sewed for her….


Merry First Christmas, dear, dear Harriet!



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  1. 1

    miss lynn said,

    oh lisa!!!!
    your harriet is
    i love what you
    did with the
    bootie! yayyy!
    we need to plan
    a get together
    soon! silver bella
    is just too far away!!
    happy new year,
    dear friend!

    • 2

      thetruevine said,

      Yes! Harriet is so sweet and adorable! And I am *seriously* going to make every grandchild a First Christmas ornament from one of your kits!!:-) I would love to get together sometime soon. I see that we are in the Valentine 3-inchey swap together. I am pumped about that one and made big progress the other day. 🙂

  2. 3

    Jacob said,

    Soooooooo cute!

  3. 4

    Clara said,

    I love her little sneer in the last photo. She is SO SO SO cute. I have some sweet ones of her in her Christmas jammies. If we had internets at home, I would upload them…

  4. 5

    Clara said,

    Funny how Amelia’s room is blue and mine is pinkish. Weird.

  5. 6

    Sheree said,

    Adorable ornament!

  6. 7

    Paula said,

    send me the source of the ornament please… I LOVE it…..well done!

  7. 8

    Laura said,

    The shoe!!! I love the shoe. AND the afghan! Yay for wonderful, sentimental, crafty Grandmas!

  8. 9

    Laurie said,

    Oh, sweet Harriet! I just love the little shoe — I bought a kit from Lynn, too, but haven’t made mine yet — you had such a crafty Christmas! Thank you for the ornament — it arrived in the mail and I think it’s lovely! Hugs and happy new year! Oh–and please stop by and join my party for Show us your Best Handmade of 2010! You have much to choose from!!

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