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Style Collage

A little while ago I mentioned that I was going to try to define my crafting “style” (for lack of a better term, I suppose). I perused etsy rather casually for a week or so and when an image just really jumped out at me, or I said to myself, I LOVE that, or I considered buying that item, I saved the image. I was pretty strict about my criteria for saving an image because I really, truly had to be drawn to the image. Due to my strict criteria, I only ended up with a dozen images, but seeing them all in one place has really helped me begin to refine my idea of what my “style” is.

Want to see the compilation? Surely you do! Here it is:

Style photos

I am going to be studying this more in the days to come, but I would be interested to hear what you think are the common elements in these images. Let me know!


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Fabric Valentine Envelopes

I made some fabric envelopes for my Silver Bella Love Chapter Swap and really enjoyed the results. I thought I would try some smaller versions for my Valentine 3-Inchey Swap.


I loved the fabric that I had on hand with which to make them.


And what can beat a felt heart for pure sweetness?


I’m really looking forward to receiving the swap next week!

P.S. Since my post last week, our family has dealt with not only the Darling Person’s move, but my father’s medical diagnosis, our son’s mental health issues and some critical decisions concerning our business. So, at some level, it seems trivial to me to even post about my adorable fabric envelopes. But, then, crafting and creativity do serve as stress relievers for me. I process thoughts while I work with my hands and, ultimately, add beauty to my life. Maybe my adorable fabric envelopes aren’t “trivial” at all!

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Two Tales of Sorting Buttons: A Moving Story

Last Sunday evening, we got together with this group of people (and the un-pictured Slagle family)


to celebrate the birthdays of Amelia and Levi


and to have a little whole-family fun before this Darling Person (and her darling parents) moved to parts unknown the next day.


The Darling Person (and her darling parents) spent the night with us after the Mutual Birthday Party. And, so, as her darling parents were putting the final touches on packing, I got to play with the Darling Person. The thought of not being able to play with her at will (as I have been doing for all of the six months of her life) was a bit disconcerting. So…what do I do when disconcerted? I craft.

I had made the Darling Person’s aunt this hat.


This particular aunt mentioned that her sensitive skin would appreciate a little less scratchiness around the forehead area, so I commenced, the morning of the Darling Person’s impending move, to adding a little knit fabric to the inside of the aunt’s hat .


As I was retrieving the black knit fabric from our knit fabric scraps box, I found, strangely, a couple of cards of elastic cording. This was just the cording I wanted to use to make a simple button bracelet inspired by the one that Kaari Meng was wearing when she taught our Silver Bella jewelry-making classes.

And here, I pause, to interject a pertinent story. Family legend has it that once, during one of the many moves our family made during my childhood, at the height of the responsibilities of a moving day, while boxes and furniture were being hoisted around her, my mother was found sorting buttons. Ever since, when someone is circumstantially overwhelmed and resorts to a seemingly inappropriately trivial task to regain a measure of focus and control, we say that person is “sorting buttons.”

So, here I was, facing the emotionally daunting task of bidding a (temporary but lengthier that I would like) farewell to the Darling Person as she moved several states away with her darling parents and what did I begin to do? Right-o! I started sorting buttons! And the result of my sorting and stringing those buttons was this charmingly simple bracelet.


And I found in the button box, a little wooden bead with a smiley face drawn on it that the Darling Person’s mother made when she was in her Ruby Doll phase.


My advice? Next time you are overwhelmed, try sorting some buttons.

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A Little More Valentine Embroidery

There’s still time to embroider this little sentiment from my etsy store. Check it out!

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Valentine Three-inchey Swap

Oh! The Silver Bella fun just goes on and on! Jeanelle asked those of us who had participated in the Silver Bella Three-inchey swap if we were interested in doing a Valentine-themed swap. Yes, I was!


I LOVE these swaps because I love to embroider.


AND I love hearts.


So this swap gave me the opportunity to combine the two in a totally enjoyable design.


It was such fun deciding what stitches and fabric to put together.


I can’t wait to see everyone else’s contributions!

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Love Chapter Ornament Swap TREE!

Remember the Silver Bella Love Chapter Ornament swap? Well, last week, Mom bought me a perfect little table-top tree at the Hobby Lobby Christmas sale. And it was the perfect little price of $5! (We were celebrating Dad’s successful surgery with a little Hobby Lobby shopping.)


It is just what I wanted for my ornaments!


I hung the copy of the verses on the tree, too, so everyone who passes by can see the whole thing in context.


It becomes a bit of a scavenger hunt to locate each part of the verse on the tree.





And isn’t this always a good reminder?


Thanks, again, Lynn and Karla, for hosting this swap!

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Fun Yarn+Fun Patterns=Fun Hat and Gloves

Eleanor is a turquoise kind of gal.


And she’s a lot of fun, too!


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