Fabric Valentine Envelopes

I made some fabric envelopes for my Silver Bella Love Chapter Swap and really enjoyed the results. I thought I would try some smaller versions for my Valentine 3-Inchey Swap.


I loved the fabric that I had on hand with which to make them.


And what can beat a felt heart for pure sweetness?


I’m really looking forward to receiving the swap next week!

P.S. Since my post last week, our family has dealt with not only the Darling Person’s move, but my father’s medical diagnosis, our son’s mental health issues and some critical decisions concerning our business. So, at some level, it seems trivial to me to even post about my adorable fabric envelopes. But, then, crafting and creativity do serve as stress relievers for me. I process thoughts while I work with my hands and, ultimately, add beauty to my life. Maybe my adorable fabric envelopes aren’t “trivial” at all!


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  1. 1

    Sheree said,


  2. 2

    Clara said,

    I ❤ you mom. And you know that we must keep making art to keep our heads above water. Thanks for all of your painting, too. That counts as art.

    (Levi had never heard of the term Fiber Artist until this week.)

  3. 3

    Amelia said,

    Crafting does save the day at times. I feel it when I don’t do creative things for a while. The envelopes are SO cute.

  4. 4

    Paula said,

    so adorable: I’m thinking just the right size for a shrinky-dink valentine charm on a little ribbon that could be a necklace or bracelet…..hhhmmmmmmm

  5. 5

    Laurie said,

    Hang in there, Lisa. The envelopes are so cute — I just can’t wait to get the swap!!

  6. 6

    MOM said,

    Love the heart envelopes. How great that you can do all of these crafty things. I agree with Paula about what “could” be placed inside!!! Maybe I should start crafting. However, I’m thinking of writing a book on hospitals, ratings, suggestions, etc. Do you think it could get published???? ho-ho

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