Hair Crafting

Clara, Lydia and I spent about 9 hours over the last two days working on this:


We had been considering loc-ing Lyd’s hair and, with Kathleen’s encouragement, we decided to jump right in.


We watched movies while I parted and twisted and Clara squirted water at us and Margaret cooked meals and everyone else cheered us on. I think this will provide a lot of hair-do options that we haven’t had before and Lydia’s hair is perfect for this kind of styling.


Paula, didn’t you say this counts as “crafting”?


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  1. 1

    Paula said,

    Well done, all!

  2. 2

    Joey said,

    Okay, I want to see that on your resume’ now – certified loctician.

    Hey, you and Kathleen can form some sort of guild now: The CCL – certified caucasian locticians. har har.

  3. 3

    miss lynn said,

    beautiful job, ladies!
    what a gorgeous head
    of hair!!!

  4. 4

    hope this blog is around long enough for her to read it. i think she would like that. glad someone besides me thinks there is art and craft in everything. i have crazy afro hair and i always think to myself “this is some famous artist hair” lol . neat blog sugar.

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