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Oh! The Potential!

As you know, I’ve been de-cluttering like a maniac. It must be contagious because on Sunday, Joey joined me in my mania. The reason we had the opportunity to de-clutter together involved another contagion (namely, the nasty respiratory infection that our loving children shared with each other) AND the fact that the view from our front porch looks like this:


(No green, yet, in Verdant Hollow, that’s for sure!)

And this:


(Why would that appear so “picturesque” in November or December?)

And this:


(I think this means that March is going out like a lion, eh?)

Anyway, the nasty respiratory infections + the unwelcome snow = no church for us on Sunday. And Joey, NEVER one to sit still, suggested that we use that time to clean out part of the Friendly Chemistry office so that I can use it as my crafting haven. Hurrah!

This room formerly housed all of our Friendly Chemistry books and manipulatives, but now that we are distributing the curriculum through, we don’t need all of that space. I also had all of my pottery bisque and glazes in there. Yes, it was quite the multi-purpose space. Now, I’ve moved all of my pottery to the bakery hoping to establish regular business hours for pottery painting there in the bakery meeting room.

With all of our Friendly Chemistry and pottery stuff moved out, it sounds like all we would have to do is sweep up a little, right? Well…maybe in a perfect world. But not in our house. Our storage room is adjacent to this office space and “stuff” tends to creep into the office from the storage room. So, Joey and I spent all Sunday afternoon tossing, tossing, tossing stuff. (And I’m VERY glad that we have a dumpster!)

Anyway…the final result is this:


(That lamp is another labor of love since Joey took the time to wire the outlets in the corner for me! I love that man.)

We even cleared off another set of shelves.


So…I know that this looks a little “bleak” at the moment, but I am contemplating all of the ways I can arrange my crafting stuff. My brain is whirling. Oh! the potential!


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This week, I came to a conclusion I should have reached years ago: my time and energy are finite. Shocking, isn’t it? BUT, I am encouraged because I think that I have also arrived at a solution to this problem.

For years, we have just kept adding, adding, adding to our lives. Children, animals, projects, businesses. Yet, we fail to remove any of the previous additions (well, not children…those are all here to stay) when we add a new one. How did we think that our energy and time were limitless? That we could continue to tackle new time- and energy-consuming projects without any subtraction?

Anyway, this actually has a lot to do with my art. If I am going to have time for my art, I cannot just ADD it to my already overflowing bucket of responsibilities. I have to remove something, first. I have been working on that all week (hence, not much time for blogging–yet). I am actually really, honestly believing the benefit of de-cluttering that I fought so much as a follower of Flylady. FINALLY, I get the concept that the more stuff I have, the more time it takes to manage it. The less stuff I have, the less time it takes to manage it and the more time I have for…art.

Okay, back to throwing stuff away….

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Art Journaling

While the past week has been filled with family events and responsibilities–including snuggling with this Darling Person–


I have managed to begin working on the art journal for Teresa McFayden’s Windows to My World e-workshop. My “title page” turned out like this:


I really enjoyed combining fabric and paper and using the sewing machine to attach everything. Since the title page was to set the tone for the whole journal, I wanted it to reflect what I’m learning in my life right now. This hymn is meaningful to me and William Cowper is one of my favorite hymn writers. Have you read his story? Have you read the words to this particular hymn?


I especially appreciate verses three and four:

3. Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take;
The clouds ye so much dread
Are big with mercy and shall break
In blessings on your head.

4. Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,
But trust Him for His grace;
Behind a frowning providence
He hides a smiling face.

As I move through this e-course, I’ll try to share some more art journal pages with you.

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Crafting Gone to the Dogs

I got a little bit of crafting done this week while I was escorting Jacob to the Atlanta Pet Fair. This year, there was a shoe decorating contest, so Jacob entered me in the contest and purchased some knee-high canvas boots to decorate. Clara worked diligently to get some of Jacob’s artwork sized appropriately and printed on paper-backed fabric. And all I had to do was get some fusible web to attach the little canines to the canvas.


And I added some ribbon to the lacing.



I got to model them for the contest.



So I made an attempt at pulling together a coordinating outfit by similarly decorating a white denim vest I got at Goodwill.



I didn’t win anything, but I had fun and, hopefully, gave Jacob’s artwork some more exposure. Plus, I really enjoyed working with the images printed on fabric. My brain is spinning with potential projects involving that technique.

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