This week, I came to a conclusion I should have reached years ago: my time and energy are finite. Shocking, isn’t it? BUT, I am encouraged because I think that I have also arrived at a solution to this problem.

For years, we have just kept adding, adding, adding to our lives. Children, animals, projects, businesses. Yet, we fail to remove any of the previous additions (well, not children…those are all here to stay) when we add a new one. How did we think that our energy and time were limitless? That we could continue to tackle new time- and energy-consuming projects without any subtraction?

Anyway, this actually has a lot to do with my art. If I am going to have time for my art, I cannot just ADD it to my already overflowing bucket of responsibilities. I have to remove something, first. I have been working on that all week (hence, not much time for blogging–yet). I am actually really, honestly believing the benefit of de-cluttering that I fought so much as a follower of Flylady. FINALLY, I get the concept that the more stuff I have, the more time it takes to manage it. The less stuff I have, the less time it takes to manage it and the more time I have for…art.

Okay, back to throwing stuff away….


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    Laura said,

    Bleh and Amen. I had to do a lot of decluttering in my life last week. . . picking and choosing is *not* my favorite thing. No. I am so much happier this week for it though! AND actually had crafting time this week. Win!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. 2

    Wanda Clark said,

    I hear you on the decluttering. 🙂 I hope you get it done so that you can craft….that is good for the soul.

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