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When I posted THIS POST way back in March, with this photo,


the thought of participating in Where Bloggers Create hadn’t even crossed my mind.

But, almost 4 months later, I am happy, happy, happy that this formerly bleak little corner of my house has been transformed into my very own space for creating!


I love my colorful little work space because Joey was able to turn my ideas into reality.


My biggest goal in organizing this space was to be able to see all of my “stuff:” paper, pens, paint, fabric, floss, brushes, crayons, patterns, adhesives. I want to see my stuff so I will be inspired by it and use it. The only stuff I can’t see upon entering my room is my paints. I decided that the best place for them was in metal desk drawers.

I also want to be able to see my ideas. So often, I forget about good ideas because they are hidden in my ideas notebook. So, inspired by a project in Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, I made these fabric-covered bulletin boards from homasote.

Another goal I had in organizing my space was to make all of my stuff easily accessible. I love the shelving and racks that Joey made me for my paper, pens and brushes. I also have easy access to my floss.


I can access an additional supply shelf while seated at my workspace.


AND I have a nearby shelf for fabric scraps. (I left all of the big tubs of fabric in the craft room with the sewing machines and supplies since several people in the family use those items.) I’m also storing canvases on that shelf.


The bonus area of this new space is some shelving that I can use for storing on-going or finished-but-homeless projects–plus my light box.


I still can barely believe that I have my own space for creating. I can shut the door and I know that everything will be where I left it when I return! I can look up as I’m working and easily see what else I might add to my project.

I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband and kids. Thanks for taking me seriously, Joey! And for turning my ideas in reality.


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  1. 1

    Melinda said,

    WOW! That looks AMAZING!

  2. 2

    marie said,

    Quite a transformation! Love all the color.
    Enjoy your new creative space!!

  3. 3

    Beth said,

    Having our stuff out where we can see it seems to be very important. The color of your space really struck me. When I saw your updated photo, I was quite pleased to see how colorful it is. Good job. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. 4

    Kylie said,

    Oh my word. Talk about FUN! Looks fantastic!

  5. 5

    Rebecca said,

    I have to have my stuff out of the closet so I can see what I have. I love how your space is colorful and fun. Truly wonderful. FANTABULOUS!



  6. 6

    Shell said,

    Love all the color you used. Makes your creative spot pop and feel

  7. 8

    SilviSherr said,

    I think it looks great. It s a place where creativity flows and that is important

  8. 9

    Lori said,

    You have a room that is functional and shows color as well. I’m so happy that you’re happy here. Enjoy your space!

  9. 10

    You did a great job! I know hat you mean about keeping stuff in view so you can be inspired. Sometimes I forget I have stuff it’s tucked away to far!! Thank you so much for joining the party and sharing your special place.

  10. 11

    Wonderful, workable and so well put together. Isn’t it great when you have the help and support to make projects happen.
    Love your organization and the colorful and fun atmosphere. I bet it is fantastic to create in. Blessings to you!

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  11. 12

    How great that you wound up with this space in time to join the party! It seems to come up a lot in all the creative posts that we all like to see our stuff. I’m like you and keep the paint put away, but everything else is out. You’ve got such a colorful space here. You must be inspired everytime you are in it!

  12. 13

    Claudia said,

    That’s a striking transformation. You must be so happy with your new space. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. 14

    WOW! You should be SO incredibly proud of yourself! I love what you did and am incredibly impressed.

    I hope you’ll have time to visit my creative spaces!

  14. 15

    Anne said,

    Wonderful space! I love the colors on the wall. Thank you so much for visiting me, because it let me discover your creativity in return!

  15. 16

    Becky said,

    What a lovely studio makeover!! Very cheerful! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. 17

    Stephanie O. said,

    What a wonderfully cheery creative space!

  17. 18

    kathy said,

    OOOh, those bright colors fill your space with energy!

  18. 19

    ladonajenny said,

    Isn’t it wonderful to have a space to be yourself and create? I love the bright and cheery colors you used. Thank you and take care.


  19. 20

    Bernadette said,

    What a change! I love the bright colours – and I agree – having inspiration in front of you is so much better than tucked away in an inspirations note book.

  20. 21

    What a great makeover! Isn’t it just grand having your own creative space? You can leave the work out, close the door, leave, then when you return and open that door everything we be as you left it. That’s what I totally enjoy.
    I enjoyed my visit with you today, I’ll be back for a visit again I’m sure.
    Thank you for sharing your workspace.

  21. 22

    sara said,

    such a transormation. So colourful. Hugs Sara

  22. 23

    It is a treat to have our own space, isn’t it?! So happy for you as I know how thrilled I was to finally get my own room too! loved that visual of the embroidery thread in your little drawer unit. Very clever idea as well on the board where all the cups rest…no tipping over! brilliant! Thanks for sharing! xo, Sue

  23. 24

    Tammy said,

    Very colorful space. It is truly a blessing to have your own place to sit and craft. Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

  24. 25

    Geralyn Gray said,

    l Love the before and after shots and your stripes of color which are reflected in your color choices for your yarn……looks like a great place to create!!!

  25. 26

    I Love seeing the before ~ it makes the After even More Cheery & Perfect…. Certainly a Happy Place for Creating~

  26. 27

    Terri G. said,

    What a nice transformation that has taken place! TFS!!!

  27. 28

    Debbie said,

    Wow, how festive, I love the colors. So cool to see the transformation, before and after, great job.
    Happy creating

  28. 29

    Libby said,

    What a fantastic & colourful work space! It’s lovely.

  29. 30

    Terry Lummer said,

    Your room is so colorful! I love it! Thank you for sharing your precious space.

  30. 31

    I love seeing the before and after pics of your space ~ what an incredible transformation ~ it’s truly so fun & inspiring 🙂 Thank you for sharing your room with us all 🙂

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  31. 32

    Spencer said,

    You’ve created a great space…. isn’t it fun to have a dedicated spot to create?

    Warm blessings,

  32. 33

    Beth said,

    Thanks bunches for stopping by my studio and leaving me a comment too! Yes, a studio has to have tunes for those times when we are cruzing along in the zone of creating:D Probably everyone is on the same page with having our stuff out and in plain site, and accessible! When I organize my studio after a long hiatus it is like going shopping all over again – so many things I forgot I had LOL
    I really enjoyed your little makeover and those fabulous colors on your walls!
    Beth P

  33. 34

    Sheila R said,


    Your creative room is so bright and cherry. Love how you organized your floss.

    Thanks for sharing your space.

  34. 35

    Sherry said,

    Your space is bright and cheerful and it is wonderful that everything is organized and right at hand. I hope you enjoy many hours creating in your new space.

  35. 36

    Gail said,

    It’s a happy and cozy space, I’m like you, I need to see my things in order to create properly! Makes such a difference…thanks for sharing!

  36. 37

    kIm said,

    Very nice! I have the same old cookie tin that my great-grandmother kept all of her buttons in!

  37. 38

    You sure were sucessful in creating an amazing space.

    – The Tablescaper

  38. 39

    Renee said,

    I like your space. I’m like you I like to have my stuff where I can see it.

  39. 40

    Sandy said,

    Love all the color and custom storage! Very inspiring, thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  40. 41

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE your new creative space…it looks like so much fun! I wish my creative space was that colorful!

  41. 42

    Joey is a keeper!! Can’t wait to come back and visit more often.

  42. 43

    Valery said,

    Love your bright and cheery space.

  43. 44

    What a delightful chain of support you have. I love the way that your space is bright and colorful. Your attention to detail and organizing your creative space is remarkable and I love it all. I also painted my creative space a bold Tiffany Aqua Blue and love it. I don’t want to leave my office I love it so much. 🙂 This is my first year participating in WBC with Karen. I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s space and the items they create. Very nice! 🙂

  44. 45

    I love this colorful space!!!!!

  45. 46

    Donna@Morning Glory Craft Cottage said,

    I love your very colorful craft space!! I like to see my stuff too! That is something I need to work on!

  46. 47

    Laurie said,

    It looks awesome, Lisa! I am like you — it’s so much more inspiring when I can see what I have!! Also — I really enjoyed hearing that you could recognize my little book!

  47. 48

    Mari Brown said,

    Really great trasformation of the space, I like the desk area a lot, all within arms reach, perfect : ) And you are very lucky to have a suportive family for your space and creations, than always means the world. Thanks for sharing your space!!!


  48. 49

    Mari Brown said,

    Really great trasformation of the space, I like the desk area a lot, all within arms reach, perfect : ) And you are very lucky to have a supportive family for your space and creations, than always means the world. Thanks for sharing your space!!!


  49. 50

    Nan said,

    What a fun, colorful space! How could you help but be inspired working in there! Thanks for sharing, Nan

  50. 51

    Cheryl said,

    I couldn’t agree with you more, you need to have everything out so you can see what you have and it is there to inspire you. It is a great space you have!

  51. 52

    ooh I love all the color! I am in the middle of creating my space right now! Love all the ideas!

  52. 53

    Terry said,

    I love your floss storage. I have been trying to think of a way to store my roving – your idea is perfect! Thank you! Is that storage handmade or did you purchase it somewhere?

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