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September Ten on Ten











1. Trusty OLD walking shoes; 2. Oh, what a beautiful morning! 3. Annie and her oatmeal with chocolate chips; 4. The painting begins: Levi hard at work; 5. My companions for most of the day; 6. A couple of the blue-eyed cuties around here entertaining us while we paint; 7. Amelia and Eleanor painted and painted and painted; 8. So did Margaret and Jake; 9. Resorting to watching “Tangled” so we could finish the painting; 10. Tired and hungry Harriet gobbles some cheese.


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Thanksgiving Fabric Banner Swap, Anyone?

Anyone interested in a Thanksgiving banner swap?

fabric banner image 1

If you are, let me know!

fabric banner image 2

My idea is for each participant to create ONE letter of a Thanksgiving-inspired phrase (to be determined by the number of participants, but, generally something like “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Give Thanks”) on a triangle of FELT.

fabric banner image 3

And embellish as your heart desires.

fabric banner image 4

And I’m envisioning WAY more embellishment than these banners have: embroidery, buttons, lace, ribbon, fabric. Just as long as the letter is easy to read.

fabric banner image 5

I’m thinking of an early October deadline so I could assemble them and get them to you by the beginning of November. What do you think?

Let me know! Leave me a comment!

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One Year Blog Anniversary, One Hundredth Post and a Tribute to Parental Influence

Yesterday was the first anniversary of this blog. Today is my one hundredth post. And two weeks ago today, my dad died. Milestones. Some trivial. One not.

In facing the death of my dad, I’ve been thinking a lot about what is trivial and what is not. About what thoughts dominate my mind. About how I spend my time. I’ve been groping for the eternal perspective more urgently.

Then, when I get a tentative hold on the eternal perspective, the question looms: How am I to practically apply the eternal perspective to my daily life? For a long time, my thoughts have been dominated by and my time spent addressing Peter’s challenging behaviors AND my added parenting responsibilities since opening the bakery (it’s A LOT different for us now than when Joey was teaching and he went to work at 7 am, got home at 4:30 pm and was off all weekend and all summer because now he goes to work at 4:30 am and gets home at 7 pm–or later–and works Saturdays and all summer). Often, my thoughts are also dominated by my perceived lack of influence over these draining challenges. How do I apply the eternal perspective to my circumstances? How can the eternal perspective alter my attitude?

Just as God used Dad’s death to send me groping for the eternal perspective, God used Dad’s death to provide some answers to my questions. When I was thinking about my relationship with Dad, I was constantly appreciative of his influence on my life. The experiences he provided for me, the guidance he gave me, the love he expressed to me were greatly influential in my life.


I started thinking about how positive almost all of Dad’s influences were on me. Then, I started thinking about how all parents influence their children, for good or bad. I AM influencing my children right now, whether I am being deliberate about it or not. There is no “lack of influence” as I previously perceived it. Does my influence on my kids have an eternal component? Absolutely!

Suddenly, I appreciated how eternally important my influence is on a daily, moment-to-moment basis in the midst of Peter’s challenges and my added parenting responsibilities. How does this translate into practically applying the eternal perspective to my daily life? It means constantly acknowledging that I AM influencing my family. It means being deliberate about what thoughts I allow to dominate my mind and how I spend my time. Most, practically, it means abiding in God’s Word consistently.

Yes, Dad is continuing to influence me, even with his death. My parental influence is not trivial. It is part of the eternal perspective.


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