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Tuesdays Unwrapped

(I’m glad that Emily over at Chatting with the Sky is unwrapping Tuesdays, again.)

I’ve been reeling from the losses we’ve experienced over the past two years: loss of job and everything that goes with that, loss of relationships, loss of Dad, loss of trust in others. Sometimes I’m so busy counting losses and trying to deal with them that the GAINS we’ve experienced go under-appreciated. I mean, look at these two sweet people our family has GAINED in the past two years:



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Giveaway over at A Bit of Sunshine!

I’m excited to be included in the Cyber Monday giveaway over at A Bit of Sunshine. Check it out!

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Advent Calendar Kit in my Etsy Store!

After Amelia was born (almost 25 years ago, now–eeps!), God clearly gave Joey and me a Family Mission Statement. The major gist of it is to glorify God with a unified family. One of the many ways that God showed us to accomplish this was to involve meaningful traditions in our celebrations. And, obviously, we have quite a few traditions surrounding our Christmas celebration.



One tradition is using Advent Calendars and I just added another one to our collection! I designed this Advent Calendar using yummy wool felt pennants and embroidery. Starting December 1, each day we can pull out a little card and read a portion of the story of Jesus’ birth.




It is so festive strung around the little tree on top of our piano!



The only drawback is having to wait a month to start using it.

Get your Advent Calendar Kit in my etsy store by clicking here!

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