February Family Festivities

There have been some festive moments this past week, starting off with Charlotte’s birthday. Right off the bat, she lost her first top tooth.


We immediately moved on to mom’s house for a Hello Kitty-packed birthday party (of which, Clara has a plethora of much better photos, so you’ll just have to trust me on the amazing amount of Hello Kitty items). The party also included a surprise. We made Charlotte close her eyes while we wheeled it in.


She was a little happy.


(And here is where I totally fall down in documenting the party. I have no photos of the actual fabulous surprise: a bike, complete with punture-proof tires from her brothers and handle-bar streamers from Eleanor. This is THE gift she was hoping for, so she was really, really tickled.)

Then, on Monday, Eleanor hosted a Valentine party and Charlotte got to wear her new outfit from her birthday (thanks to Amelia and Steve) and her Hello Kitty hat that Clara knitted and her Hello Kitty rain boots from Grammy (since it was snowing).



Eleanor bought a new outfit for the Big Event.


And she bought–and made–the festive food.


We actually made a recipe that I found on Pinterest: Valentine’s Day “Puppy Chow.”


Everyone was in a holiday spirit. (I don’t know why Margaret is MIA?)




What more could you add to this fun week? Getting your braces off!


Oh, and getting a new family member!


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