Where Have I Been?

I have been in the land of limited internet access, that’s where I’ve been. Where, exactly, would that be in this day and age? I’ll tell you. The Atlanta Airport Hilton, that’s where. Because they are set up for business people using expense accounts and not really caring how much things cost, they charge $15 per day for internet access in the room. Well, fine, then. Forget you and your expensive internet access.

But, then, Jacob decided that he would upgrade our room and pay the little bit extra per day for access to the “Executive Lounge” (or some such location) where breakfast and snacks are served and there is…wait for it…internet access. I was fairly excited to think that I might be able to interact with the outside world while I was chaperoning his weekend at the Atlanta Pet Fair (to which we FLEW instead of drove as in previous years–oh, the bliss not to have to navigate eight-lane traffic in the rain after having driven two twelve hour days).

But, alas, the two computers in the Executive Lounge were never working simultaneously or refused to connect to the internet or name-your-annoying-dysfunction. At least they were still there the last day, unlike the television and the espresso machine which were MIA.

ANYway, other than having limited internet access, we had a magnificently smooth trip, thank the Lord. Jacob flew for the first time without making a scene. We made our flights early enough, survived being scanned and retrieved our luggage. And what was in our luggage on the trip TO Atlanta? This:


Jacob created a Pushmi-Pullyu for his yarn dog competition. Isn’t that awesome?


(Yes, I know that you Hugh Lofting purists will say that this is based on the movie and not on the book. True. But isn’t it awesome?)


One reason that we were able to stuff this in a suitcase on an airplane instead of in a car is that one of Jacob’s very nice grooming friends loaned him a dog for competition. Do you know what that means? We traveled WITHOUT DOGS. Yes, I am yelling. It was quite an experience.

The dog Jacob borrowed was named Demitry. He was very nice. As were the other 50 poodles being groomed in this group.


Good looking pair, eh?


Farewell, Atlanta, until next year.


And, Hello, internet!


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Joey said,

    Nice job, Jacob, very nice. Love ya!

  2. 2

    Laura said,

    Yes, yes…regarding “until next year”… I WANT TO SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! 🙂

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