Take a Stitch Tuesday: Running Stitch

I felt like I was running a bit this week trying to complete my TAST challenge. But, here it is!

First, I just used a Double Running Stitch (or Holbein).


Then, I ventured off into Double Darning Stitch and a bit of Whipped Running Stitch and Interlaced Running Stitch.


This close-up of some of my Double Darning shows why I should not attempt this stitch on felt (vs. an even weave fabric), in a dimly lit room while watching “Secondhand Lions.” I had to really concentrate to finally get my rows of stitches to line up directly below the row above.


However, the Whipping Running Stitch and Interlaced Running Stitch didn’t provide so great a challenge as the Double Darning did. I embroidered them while watching “Pride and Prejudice” and they came out just fine.


Finally, I attempted Double Darning again–this time with a bricked effect. I paid a lot of attention to keeping my stitches even and straight and I was a lot more content with the outcome.





And…progress so far:



2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    This is so pretty!! I love how you experimented with all the running stitches.

  2. 2

    These are all so amazing!

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