Take a Stitch Tuesday: Barred Chain Stitch

This week’s TAST challenge surprised me. I was excited about this stitch because it is supposed to look kind of vine-y and I’m definitely “into” vines around here. I thought I would gain a wonderful new stitch for my projects.

However, I never could develop a rhythm to the stitching. I was basically annoyed and frustrated the whole time I was stitching. Let’s just say that I have enough annoying and frustrating activities in my life already and I embroider to ENJOY the process.

My first attempt at the Barred Chain Stitch was with two strands of floss since I didn’t want my lines to be too thick, making it difficult to discern the lettering.


I also kept my Twisted Chain stitches (that make up the “bars”) rather narrow compared to the line I was following.


Consequently, the “bars” are not very evident.


And since the Twisted Chain stitch was what was annoying me most, I wanted to see the effect it had, rather than it just looking like a kind of messy Chain Stitch. SO for the next word, I used three strands of floss and started the twisted stitch farther from my guiding line.


I was a little more satisfied with the second attempt.


I guess I haven’t totally dismissed the Barred Chain Stitch…more experimentation is probably necessary.

Anyway…progress so far:



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    Joey said,

    You are a creator of many beautiful things. I especially like this chain-stitch – kind of like the chain that binds you and me – difficult at times, downright annoying, but worth the effort. Love ya, shmily!

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