The Happy Day Project Challenge #2: Drop It, Do It

Apparently, my blogging is mostly driven by other bloggers’ challenges. Oh, well. Whatever works, right?

Anyway, Alicia over at La Famille has started The Happy Day Project. We could use some happy around here, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon. This week, I’m dropping it and doing it.

I am surrounded by a small band of insatiable mini-crafters who daily clamor for crafts. (I wonder how that happened?) So, today when math angst was setting in, I grabbed the copy of Family Fun magazine that just arrived in the mail and determined that we were going to drop math (temporarily) and just do whatever crafts we could with what we had on hand.


I opened the magazine to this page…and we just dropped everything and did three crafts.


First, we cut out flowers, folded in the petals and watched them unfold when we put them in water.




Then we made a balancing bunny.



And, finally, we created some fingerprint pussy willow branches.







My recommendation when you have clamoring crafters? Drop it, do it! We had a happy day.


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  1. 1

    Wanda Clark said,

    That is awesome….good for you and the kids. 🙂 I love your pussy willows.

  2. 3

    oh yeah!!! i’m so glad you did this! i love the pussy willow craft. i get family fun mag and haven’t even cracked this month’s issue yet. i should do that! thanks for linking up!!

  3. 4

    rachinhishands said,

    So sweet! Family Fun is always filled with such goodness.

  4. 5

    yay! that looks so great!
    i should try it with my kiddos, too.
    good job!
    xo 🙂

  5. 6

    […] am so excited that our little Happy Day Project #2: Drop It, Do It, was mentioned in the August issue of Family Fun magazine! […]

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