Art Night Rolls Around

This week, using, as usual, Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to make Drawing Fun by Carla Sonheim, we had some fun with “blindly” drawing people from a distance. We kind of posed for each other–and kind of didn’t. Technically, we were supposed to be in a public spot, like a cafe or train station (you know, all those train stations available here on the prairie), but we compromised and sat around the kitchen table pretending we were at a cafe or a train station.

We were supposed to draw each other from “afar” without looking at the paper. Now, each artist decided how much he or she would adhere to this rule. As you will see. We also had a challenging time competing with the beautiful weather for the attention of some of our usual participants. As you will also see.

For example, Margaret popped in from outside for a quick drawing of Levi.


And after fixing some fence, Joey came inside and drew some pictures of Clara and Tim.


Tim captured quite a few subjects. I see Joey, Levi and Clara.


As did Levi. (I think that Tim and Clara are on the left and Charlotte and Amelia are on the right.)


Charlotte drew me…twice. I’m sincerely flattered.


I also made it twice into Clara’s drawings (along with Amelia and Eleanor and Levi.)


Is this Clara, Amelia? Or Eleanor?


Oh, here I am as “Fat Mom” by Eleanor.


Finally, I drew Joey, Amelia with Edmund and Clara. I have to say that I really kind of like the one of Amelia and Edmund.


So, there you have it. Art Night fun. As usual.


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    Mom/Grammy said,

    Well done. The entire group did a great job in their art work!!

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