Spring Art in (Random) Real Life

The other weekend, Amelia, Clara, Margaret and I provided music for our church’s ladies’ Spring salad luncheon. Let me tell you, it is a highlight of my life to play music with my kids. I mean, it thrills me each and every time. I never, ever tire of it. Playing music with our family satisfies my desire for artistic expression in a way that complements my drawing or embroidering or sewing or, even, baking.

So, after the (delicious) luncheon, we took a little stroll in the nearby garden. There is a memorial bench in the garden that my dad dedicated to his good friend with a special plaque recognizing their goofy interactions through the years. So, of course, we got Jemima to pose on it.




I miss Dad’s goofiness.

Aren’t the flowers amazing this year?


Jemima thinks so…she can’t take her eyes off of them!


One last photo before my favorite flowers fade into memories this year.


And to carry on the artsy Spring theme…




And flowers.


And bright colors.



We’re celebrating Spring with all kinds of art around here.


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    MOM said,

    I loved seeing the new photos and especially glad that you went to the Flower Garden. How fun to see ‘Mima on the bench! Dad & Denny did have a special, goofy relationship. Thanks for posting and thanks for instilling the love of music in all of the Grandkids. Well done!!

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