Happy Day Project #7: Plan(t) Your Garden

Alicia over at La Famille keeps amazing me with the timeliness of her Happy Day Project challenges. I mean, look what recently popped up in our garden:


Raised beds!

The significance of this is huge. Even when we lived in Married Student Housing at Texas A&M when we were first married, Joey built raised garden beds and brought his tiller from his parents’ house. At the first home we owned, Joey turned the driveway into raised garden beds (which worked out fine since we couldn’t park our car in the garage since the chickens and goats lived in there).

But even though we finished building this house eight years (!) ago, we haven’t had any raised garden beds. Until now. Yea! The onions are already in. And the potatoes. I can’t wait to eat all of the yummy vegetables that come out of these beds this summer.


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  1. 1

    Rachel said,

    So glad I happened upon your blog. I’m so happy to be joining Alicia for the Happy Day Projects. Your raised beds looks wonderful, I bet you will get a lovely bounty this summer! Happy Gardening!

  2. 2

    am i counting SIX raised beds?! wow, girlie you’re going to have a HUGE garden! that’s awesome. what a great thing to do as a family. and the chickens and goats in the garage?? i’m intrigued 🙂

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