Happy Day Project #8: Wear It Loud and Proud

I’m starting to think that Alicia over at La Famille has some secret camera viewing my life. I mean, every Happy Day Project Challenge is always spot on relevant. For example, how did she know that we got our new “uniform” shirts for our bakery this week? And that they are bright red? And that, of course, I would have to wear bright red lipstick every day?

(Pardon the very odd expression on my face. I think I was trying to pry my eyes open.)


I did need an excuse to wear my red lipstick, too, because I conserve it. Yes, my favorite bright lipstick is:


Which, alas, Mary Kay has discontinued. Sigh. The substitute I bought is purple-y and I like it. But it is not my much-appreciated Cherries Jubilee. I have two scant Cherries Jubilee tubes left. So, I only wear it in emergencies. Like doing the Happy Day Project!

(And if anyone knows where to buy discontinued Cherries Jubilee, please let me know!)


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  1. 1

    you look great! 🙂

  2. 2

    beautiful! cherries jubilee just sounds like a great color. hope you find a replacement quick!!

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