Take a Stitch Tuesday: Butterfly Chain Stitch

Week 21 of TAST featured the Butterfly Chain Stitch. This week, my non-TAST life has been insanely busy, especially at the bakery where we celebrated our second anniversary by introducing cookie ice cream sandwiches and preparing for a television interview. But, I was determined to fit my TAST challenge in, anyway. I guess sometimes being stubborn is a good thing?

Anyway…this was a new stitch for me, again. At first, I thought it would be a good stitch for lettering because it had a clear center line running through it. But I soon realized that the butterfly effect was almost lost when I attempted to make the three initial stitches small enough to allow the center line to dominate.



See how the three straight stitches kind of disappear, even though I worked them in a contrasting color to the chain stitch?



So I tried to make the three straight stitches a little clearer with this next font.


I think the general look this time was better representative of the stitch.



And the sampler so far:


(Does anyone else have an immediate mental connection to what you were listening to when you were stitching upon seeing your work again? I was listening to several episodes of “The Brady Bunch”–remember the one where Marcia gets braces? and when she meets Desi Arnaz, Jr.?–as I stitched and when I saw these again, my brain hollered, “Brady Bunch!”)

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