Designer Camp

You may (or may not) have noticed that Margaret and Eleanor did not contribute a one-line drawing to Art Night this week. That is because they were off being creative at Designer Camp. This is the third year that they have participated in this two-day camp at which they make their own designs on fabric and then sew a completed garment. The past two years, they have come home with some awesome clothing. This year, things got shifted around a bit and instead of having a plethora of patterns from which to choose, they were somewhat limited. Here is Eleanor’s (we are going to make this a little more fitted before Fair by putting some kind of waist on this dress):


I like her leaf design (and her practice-fabric bag).


And Margaret? Where was Margaret?


Margaret was ill! I didn’t even know she was ill until I got to camp to pick them up! Thankfully, our doctor squeezed her into the last appointment of the day so we hurried back to discover that…Margaret has a very bad case of tonsilitis. She was strictly prohibited from even holding any of the nieces or nephew this past weekend and has spent the majority of the time in bed. And I’m thanking the Lord for antibiotics!


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    MOM said,

    I like Eleanor’s dress and cute purse. Good job. Give Bug a long-distance hug from me and hope she recovers quickly!

  2. 2

    […] drastically improved her Decorate Your Duds project from Designer Camp by adding an empire waist and some embroidery to her […]

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