Eleanor’s American Girl Birthday Trip

Although Eleanor’s 12th birthday is a month away, she had the huge treat of birthday shopping at the Denver American Girl Store when we were in Colorado for Jacob’s dog grooming competition. Her extremely generous siblings gifted her with enough money to purchase every item on her wish list. And I had the honor of accompanying her on this dream-come-true expedition.

First, Felicity and Emily were secured for the car ride.


And we made it to the mall without incident, thankfully!


We made an initial perusal of the whole store, admiring the set-ups.



This is the American Girl Just-Like-You doll that Eleanor would buy if she ever got one.


We were wondering if Tim would appreciate this tent-camping scene.


We took this photo for Addy-owning Amelia.



And we took this photo for Grammy since she has a roll-top desk.


Hey, Paula, remember my top that looked like this?


After we looked at everything, Eleanor made her purchases and we reluctantly–but happily–exited.



And got some ice cream for the drive back to the motel.


It was so fun for me to accompany Eleanor on this exciting shopping trip. It’s nice being the mom of an almost-twelve-year-old.


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  1. 1

    Kylie said,

    Oh how fun! Wish I could have done something like that when I was her age! Happy Birthday Eleanor!!!

  2. 2

    sandi12657 said,

    What a wonderful experience!!! We’ve been to the store in Chicago and Kansas City as Krystal loves them too (Maybe I should add my name to that list). Happy Birthday, Eleanor!

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