The Happy Day Project #13: Set Health Goals

The Happy Day Project challenge that Alicia over at la Famille issued was to set some health goals. I have one goal: to make a batch of Joy’s Hope Awesomesauce and a a tray of crunchy vegetables to have on-hand at the bakery every day.


I eat a lot of vegetables. A. LOT. However, I recognize that while my nutritional needs are being met by the (mostly) dark-green leafy vegetables that I consume every day, my satiety needs are often not. I need a substantial amount of crunch in my diet to feel satisfied. Enter Awesomesauce and a bunch of crunchy vegetables.

This plan will hopefully keep my (good) carb consumption under control AND fulfill my need for crunch. So I stay away from that also-awesome granola we make at the bakery!


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    Boris Jean said,

    I’m bringing you the base from our local HEB called ‘that green sauce’ that you mix with fat free sour cream and dry makes a really spicy dip for veggies…….yuuuummmmmm!

  2. 2

    i’d like to hear more about that awesome granola you speak of….mmmmm. i need to get better about veggies. i eat them if i have them clean and cut, but that’s not always the case. thanks for the push

  3. 3

    […] Including a whole big tub of Awesome Sauce! […]

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