Art Afternoon

Okay, this is stretching our Art Night concept, but stay with me here…. Our family has traditionally purchased matching flag shirts to celebrate Independence Day. This year, I had the wild idea of making our shirts. Especially after I saw a fabulous screen printing idea in the ever-wonderful Family Fun magazine.

First, Amelia helped me put cardboard inside of the myriad red shirts that Clara picked up for me at Hobby Lobby.


Meanwhile, I prepared the screens using our original flag design, plastic embroidery hoops, chiffon fabric and my dear Mod Podge. I placed the screen for the white part of the design on the shirt, squeezed a line of Liqui-tex acrylic paint across the top of the design…


and drew the paint across the design with an old hotel key card.



I lifted the screen off the shirt and repeated 16 more times.





THEN, I repeated the whole process for the blue part of the design!

Stay tuned for photos of the final products!


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    MOM said,

    Those are very cool shirts! Thanks for making them.

  2. 2

    Boris Jean said,

    this makes much more sense when I see the demo! cool!

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