Family Fun FUN!

I am so excited that our little Happy Day Project #2: Drop It, Do It, was mentioned in the August issue of Family Fun magazine! Whoop!!

If any of you fellow Family Fun fans are dropping by, leave a comment!


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    Heather Wawa said,

    I’m here because of Family Fun. I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog a bit and seeing so many inspiring ideas. We’re a homeschooling family, expecting our 7th and we love, love art and creating beautiful things.

  2. 2

    nikki said,

    Saw you in Family Fun and love the craftiness! I have four crafters of my own.

  3. 3

    Dasha said,

    I’m here because of your feature in Family Fun. I love the magazine (when I get two seconds to look at it), and would love to check out your blog. I’m also a Christian, so I dig the name:)
    I’m a homeschooling hopeful, have two little ones (2.5 and 8 mo) and a stepdaughter, aged 11.

  4. 4

    naomi said,

    I saw you in Family Fun. This is the first blog I’ve every looked at. Lack of time. The name grabbed me because I’m a Christian so I looked you up. I love the crafty familiness. You make me want to get my son involved in 4H. I’m a homeschooling hopeful and love the inspiration.

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