Running with the Family

Paula and Mom got behind the idea that we should participate in the Crazy Days 5K Run and Walk multi-generationally. So, Mom got us all registered. Paula made the shirts and bought the serious party hats. And Amelia, Clara and I showed up. Well, Amelia and Clara showed up after running on a regular basis in preparation for this event. I bought some new running shoes and showed up.

But, we had a blast (especially sporting the Grama Betz-inspired traditional Crazy Days umbrella hats!). And we survived! AND I even won a 2nd place medal in my age and gender category. Go figure!

(And, all joking aside, while I knew that my Jazzercise and former running experience would see me through without having any other preparation, my participation in an official 5K made me really miss running regularly. I hope that my knee can hold out and I can begin running some more. And maybe even participating in some more multi-generational running events!)





Levi also won a medal in the 10 mile bike ride event!


Being the inspiring trackster that he was (“Run fast, turn left!”), Dad would have loved this big idea!



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