4-H Season Has Begun

Yes, 4-H season is upon us. So as not to overwhelm you with too much 4-H in any one post, I’ll start feeding it to you in small bites. The first course will be a sneak peek at Eleanor’s and Margaret’s Consumer Management clothing buying projects. They each purchased these entire outfits, including accessories, with attention to quality of construction, fit, wearability, etc. They compiled the information about the outfits in notebooks that they have already turned in for judging, thanks to Amelia!



Margaret’s 4-H shopping trip was combined with a special birthday celebration day with her friend, Vanessa, Grammy and the big sisters (plus, me, of course). We got energy for our long day of shopping by eating at the Thai restaurant, first.




The nieces were a big help in picking out clothing. Can’t you tell?


Tim also participated in this clothing buying project. Perhaps that will be the next 4-H post? Or perhaps not? Stay tuned….


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  1. 1

    Boris Jean said,

    Wow, very nice purchases on lovely girls! well done =)

  2. 2

    MOM said,

    They’re winners!!!

  3. 3

    Colleen said,

    Lisa, I enjoy your blog. Yes, you are right….there was a “Pinterest area” to the 4-H Exhibit Hall at State Fair!! I noticed it right away as I was entering the exhibits!

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