4-H Fashion

The big clothing entry day for 2012 has come and gone. I have muchas fotografias. Are you ready?

Remember this outfit?


Its stylist got an award. (Although you can probably barely see her in this annoying unedited photo.)


Is this any better? Probably not.


Okay, okay. I will try to spare you any more poorly lit stage shots. But I’m not promising.

Bug crocheted and styled these fingerless gloves.


Eleanor modeled her Clothing 2 skirt, jacket and blouse that she sewed. I love that bow!


Anyone who knows Lydia knows that she has loved mustaches for a very, very long time. I think it is rockin’ awesome that all of the mustache love is being spread around (my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw all of the mustache love stuff at Claire’s). So does Lydia. So, she made this shirt for her Decorate Your Duds project using washable glue and acrylic paint.


Harriet tired of watching styling, so she took a little break on the slide.


While Edmund chilled out and grinned.


Meanwhile, back at styling…Margaret sewed this swingy black dress and purple shrug for Clothing 2.


She even made a necklace, earrings and a bracelet to accessorize her outfit.


Eleanor drastically improved her Decorate Your Duds project from Designer Camp by adding an empire waist and some embroidery to her jumper.


And because Margaret wasn’t able to salvage her Designer Camp project, she got an idea for her Decorate Your Duds garment from Pinterest. I think it turned out pretty cute!


Aren’t our 4-Hers generously supported by family and friends who gladly and intently sit through the 4-H Fashion Show?




And who do they see? Lydia! (Oops, sorry. I never promised that I wouldn’t burden you with another poorly lit, distant stage shot, right?)


And Margaret and Eleanor. With the purple ribbon stylists.


There’s Margaret, again.



And so the 4-H Fashion Show comes to an end, once more. But, wait? Who is this? Oh, yes. The muscle behind all of this 4-H sewing action. Because these projects would not have been what they are without Amelia’s sewing expertise, guidance and patience. And Clara’s overall support.


And, NOW, we call it a day. A successful 4-H clothing entry day. And we’ve only just begun….


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  1. 1

    MOM said,

    Well done everyone!!! See you soon.

  2. 2

    Boris Jean said,

    Wow, great showing!talented and beautiful!

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