An Absurd Little Bird

…is popping out to say, “Cuckoo.” Or, should I say, popping in to say, “I’m cuckoo?” Yes, the past couple of weeks have been totally “cuckoo.” However, that is to be expected since it is 4-H season. And 4-H season alone has the potential to be cuckoo-inducing. So when you add all of the other MAJOR family events that have occurred lately, well, cuckoo is just about the best way to describe the whole scene. Happily cuckoo.

First, a couple of weeks ago, we all attended the Kearney Community Theater’s performance of “The Sound of Music.” Get ready for some flash photos, just because I wanted to document the fun evening. I’m warning you, these are absolutely atrocious. But, we had a blast being together and enjoying a pretty darn good performance of one of our favorite musicals.








Next…well, you’ll just have to stay-tuned for what was next!


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    Boris Jean said,

    ‘ somewhere in your youth or childhood…………’

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