On the Road, Again…

…and again, and again, and again…. Yes, Anne and I have spent a lot of time on the road the past seven weeks. Once she started the re-casting for her club feet correction, there have been weekly trips for new casts and, even, for a little surgery to accelerate the healing of a sore on one of her feet (which, naturally, interrupted the casting process for that foot). In some ways, I hesitate to blog about all of the medical stuff that we’ve been involved in for the past few weeks. It has been going well. The driving has been uneventful, thank the Lord. None of this is dramatic or life-threatening. We appreciate our doctors and all of the good care we’re receiving. However, this whole process has been a big part of LIFE lately, so….

Anne’s favorite part of surgery was watching movies!



Her least favorite part was having an IV.


Oh, she liked the nurses, too.


But I think she much prefers her regular, weekly visits to get her cast changed over having surgery. She’s always all smiles when she gets to have her cast changed because she likes to pick a new color.



And it’s fun to look at the ball sculpture after she gets a new cast.




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