Acting the Miracle, Part 2

The second day of the Desiring God National Conference was filled to the brim with amazing speakers: Kevin DeYoung, Ed Welch, Jarvis Williams, John Piper and Russell Moore. The panel discussion with these five men was especially encouraging as they spoke informally and candidly about the practical aspects of sanctification in their own personal experiences. And Russell Moore’s “Acting the Miracle Together: Corporate Dynamics in Christian Sanctification” covered a topic I really appreciated.

Now, all of this fabulousness took place indoors, of course. Staying indoors is not usually what Tim does when he travels. But, I have to say, Tim was a pretty good sport about not insisting that we try to bird at every possible break in the schedule. Consequently, I like to think that this was a little “gift” for his good attitude:


What is this? A little feather. A little feather that floated down out of nowhere right into Tim’s hand while we were outside eating lunch. True story.




After lunch, we saw this:


Not quite as cool as a feather floating into my hand, but….


Tim not only attracted feathers. He also located more delicious food for us. This restaurant was a block from our hotel.





The third day of the conference was the highlight for me. John Piper’s message, “Act the Miracle: Future Grace, the Word of the Cross, and the Purifying Power of God’s Promises” was utterly, utterly hope-giving. I am confident that this message will remain one of my top favorites of all time. Please hit the link and listen to this if you haven’t already, or even if you have!

Then, suddenly, it was all over! We managed to take a few more food photos in beautiful downtown Minneapolis.





After lunch, Tim discovered that a most coveted, hard-to-find, excessively expensive bird guide of New Guinea was physically available to him in the downtown branch of the Minneapolis Public Library. What else could we do?



Plus, I got the thrill of actually running these stacks. Yeah. Remember the comment on my last post about living rurally?




Finally, we rode the bus back to the hotel.


Took one last photo of the beautiful trees.


And headed home. I am happily, hopefully, permanently, positively influenced by our experiences at the 2012 Desiring God Conference. I am excessively grateful for the inspiring, practical men of the Word who took (and take) time to share their insights and music. I am grateful for the kids at home who kept everything running smoothly. Once again, words are sounding shallow….


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