Do you have a “word” for the year? Many bloggers do. I guess I am not one of them, BUT I think God has given me a “word”, anyway. He keeps impressing on my mind and heart the concept of margin.

If my fuzzy memory recalls correctly, the concept of margin buzzed around a few years ago. Well, it’s definitely buzzing around again–in my brain. So, I have been asking God what He wants me to contemplate with respect to margin. Here is what I am considering so far:

1. He grants margin. It is from Him. I cannot force margin into my life;

2. When He grants it, I am praying that He allows me to recognize it;

3. When He grants it, I am praying that He shows me how to be a good steward of it, to cherish and protect it.

My life has been without much margin for so long, that I am wondering what it might look like. In my case, I think it might have something to do with continuing to be very intentional with time and resources. We have been forced by circumstances to be intentional with time and resources and I think God wants us to continue in that.

I’m pondering allowing adequate, realistic amounts of time to accomplish my responsibilities. I’m thinking about very intentionally directing any excess resources. I’m contemplating rest as a non-negotiable component of our lives.

So, God, You have me getting ready for some margin. Bring it on!


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    Lisa, It is so very nice to meet you this afternoon via Studio JRU and the wonderful blog hop. My word for this year is grace. {I recently posted about it on my blog as well.} I am amazed at how your truth about the word margin just seems to fit right in.

  2. 2

    Kerry said,

    I, too, popped over from the blog hop!! A privilege to get a glimpse into your life… Have a wonderful week {I’m enjoying browsing your blog!}

  3. 3

    tonia said,

    Margin is a VERY good word. I’m going to be thinking about that. There’s so many ways to apply it…as you’ve started exploring here already. I think it would be lovely to have realistic margin for my responsibilities. Thank you for the spark.

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