One Word: Substance

God has allowed me enough margin in my life at the beginning of 2014 to actually contemplate blogging a little. So, it seems appropriate to start off with the One Word that has been rattling around in my head for a week: Substance.

Perhaps it is just a reflection of the holiday season, but it seems that lately I have been exposed to quite of bit sentiment and not a lot of substance. I want to separate the sentimental fluff from the gospel-bearing substance in my life. Sometimes fluff is okay and even necessary. However, I believe when the balance lies on the side of substance in my life, I am nourished and energized.

Practically, for me, this means continuing to desire, seek and enjoy substantial music, books and experiences. This applies to relationships, too. And exercise and eating. And how I choose to use my time each and every day.

So, while I’m not anti-New-Years’-resolutions, I think that this One Word provides an easy focal point for 2014. So, here’s to a new year. And Substance.


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    Beth said,

    What a great word! So glad to see you are blogging again my friend, happy new year to you!

  2. 3

    Jill said,

    I like your comparison between sentiment and substance. Even among very Christian and loving people trying really hard to do good…there is so much fluff as you say in all they do. I’ve been having trouble pinpointing the problem. I think these may be the words. They are caught up in sentiment which sounds and feels very good on the surface but it won’t hold up over time because it lacks the substance.
    I’m not sure where I stumbled here from but I’m glad I did! Happy New Year to you, may it be full of substance!

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