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Advent Calendar Kit in my Etsy Store!

After Amelia was born (almost 25 years ago, now–eeps!), God clearly gave Joey and me a Family Mission Statement. The major gist of it is to glorify God with a unified family. One of the many ways that God showed us to accomplish this was to involve meaningful traditions in our celebrations. And, obviously, we have quite a few traditions surrounding our Christmas celebration.



One tradition is using Advent Calendars and I just added another one to our collection! I designed this Advent Calendar using yummy wool felt pennants and embroidery. Starting December 1, each day we can pull out a little card and read a portion of the story of Jesus’ birth.




It is so festive strung around the little tree on top of our piano!



The only drawback is having to wait a month to start using it.

Get your Advent Calendar Kit in my etsy store by clicking here!


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More Therapeutic Creativity: Thanksgiving Banner in my Etsy Store

I’m sure many of you have read Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. Or read her blog, A Holy Experience. One of her recent blog posts meant a lot to me. (You can read When It’s Hard by clicking here.)

etsy greeting card and give thanks banner plus nine ladies 10-11 031

Over the past couple of years, I’ve caught glimpses of giving thanks, anyway. Giving thanks when, by human standards, there seems little to be thankful for in a particular circumstance. This idea of giving thanks, anyway, cannot come from my own will power or out of duty, but has to have God, Himself, as the Source.

etsy greeting card and give thanks banner plus nine ladies 10-11 028

Maybe, maybe, maybe I am learning to sing along:

Thank You for the trials,
For the fire, for the pain.
Thank You for the strength
Knowing You have ordained
Every Day.

(Joel Sczebel and Todd Twining, 2008, Sovereign Grace Praise)

Maybe this little Give Thanks banner will remind me to be giving thanks, anyway. Every day. So…I’ve made this banner for myself and then listed a kit in my etsy store.

etsy greeting card and give thanks banner plus nine ladies 10-11 029

I’m thankful for therapeutic creativity!

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Lynn is Having a Sale!

Remember this adorable item?


I’ll bet you want to make one yourself, don’t you? Or at least own one that’s already been sweetly dolled up?


Well, then, I am happy to say that Lynn is having a sale at her etsy store on her cutie patootie baby booties. Check out her blog for the details (and lots of inspiration!).

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Style Collage

A little while ago I mentioned that I was going to try to define my crafting “style” (for lack of a better term, I suppose). I perused etsy rather casually for a week or so and when an image just really jumped out at me, or I said to myself, I LOVE that, or I considered buying that item, I saved the image. I was pretty strict about my criteria for saving an image because I really, truly had to be drawn to the image. Due to my strict criteria, I only ended up with a dozen images, but seeing them all in one place has really helped me begin to refine my idea of what my “style” is.

Want to see the compilation? Surely you do! Here it is:

Style photos

I am going to be studying this more in the days to come, but I would be interested to hear what you think are the common elements in these images. Let me know!

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Psalm 1 Embroidery Pattern on Etsy

I just added another embroidery pattern to my etsy store. Check it out!

Psalm 1 text


Psalm 1 stitch suggestion tree

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