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Family Fun FUN!

I am so excited that our little Happy Day Project #2: Drop It, Do It, was mentioned in the August issue of Family Fun magazine! Whoop!!

If any of you fellow Family Fun fans are dropping by, leave a comment!


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The Happy Day Project #16: It Ain’t Always Easy

Alicia at La Famille asked, “What do you do to shake a bad mood?” As I contemplated all of the possible ways I attempt to shake a bad mood, I kept coming back to one that is vitually fool-proof: listening to music. Specifically, listening to music by these people:


When I am in a bad mood, the main thing I need to hear is some Truth. But, when I am in a really bad mood, I grumpily don’t want to make the effort to open up the Word. Vicious cycle, eh? But if I can punch a button and get some Truth flowing into my head without much (perceived) effort–and with a catchy melody to boot–well, it just works every time.

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The Happy Day Project #15: Fluff Something for Summer

Okay, I’m going to take liberties with Alicia’s Happy Day Project Challenge from last week over at La Famille. I think the general idea was to fluff something in my home, perk up our living space a little for summer. But, I haven’t been in my home since she issued the challenge BECAUSE I’ve been perking up my spirit at the Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference. And let me just say, I have been perked!

Amelia and Stephen made all of the arrangements for me to attend the conference at which one of my favorite authors (John Piper) spoke and my favorite musicians (the Gettys) sang. The teaching was spectacular. Just amazing. The music was out-of-this-world (as in, heavenly!). The fellowship was sweet.




Yes, to put it mildly, my spirit has been “fluffed,” refreshed, perked.

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The Happy Day Project #14: Summer Fun List

I got a lot of input from the family this week about a Summer Fun List for Alicia’s (at La Famille) Happy Day Project challenge. This was what we came up with:


I have put off doing a list like this for a long time. But I’m glad we made one. We’ve already eaten grapes! And we’ve gone to Calamus. So, it seems that we’ve made a do-able list for summer fun!

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The Happy Day Project #13: Set Health Goals

The Happy Day Project challenge that Alicia over at la Famille issued was to set some health goals. I have one goal: to make a batch of Joy’s Hope Awesomesauce and a a tray of crunchy vegetables to have on-hand at the bakery every day.


I eat a lot of vegetables. A. LOT. However, I recognize that while my nutritional needs are being met by the (mostly) dark-green leafy vegetables that I consume every day, my satiety needs are often not. I need a substantial amount of crunch in my diet to feel satisfied. Enter Awesomesauce and a bunch of crunchy vegetables.

This plan will hopefully keep my (good) carb consumption under control AND fulfill my need for crunch. So I stay away from that also-awesome granola we make at the bakery!

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The Happy Day Project #12: Paint Yo Toes

Okay, Alicia (over at La Famille), you don’t have to tell me twice! As anyone who knows me knows, I love to paint my toes. (Hey, that rhymes.) And other little girls’ toes, too.


(Wow, my macro setting on my camera is almost too good…that’s one big toe!)

Just so I won’t leave you traumatized by that last photo, here’s one of Charlotte’s “pinked pigs.”


Yep, we love painted toes around here.

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Happy Day Project #11: Do a Pin

Alicia over at la Famille issued this challenge: do one of your thousands of pins. Oh, yeah. I love that kind of challenge.

My first inclination was to try to complete one of the t-shirt upcycling ideas that I had pinned. Alas. I’m usually pretty strict with myself about NOT pinning anything until I’ve confirmed that the link is actually a tutorial and not just a bunch of photos. Apparently when I am pinning t-shirt ideas, I am not that strict. And while I might enjoy the pure photographic inspirations, this week I needed something concrete since I truly did not have time to re-invent the wheel (or shirring, as the case may be).

So, I went with a wall hanging idea. I pinned THIS, but I produced this:


Pretty much they look nothing alike. It’s the technique that counts!


(Yes, that Mod Podge is still drying….)


I actually really, really like this and it goes perfectly with my other heart wall-hangings in our bedroom. Plus, it took me about 15 minutes since I had everything on-hand. And now I have another bit of the living Word up on my wall, thanks to the Happy Day Project challenge this week!

(I also did another “bonus” pin:


What is that, you ask? It is a folded plastic bag! Isn’t that the grooviest way to carry around a plastic grocery sack in your car or purse? Or are Eleanor and I the only ones who get a big kick out of this? It’s kind of addictive folding them, too. Weirdly satisfying. Check out the how-tos HERE.)

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