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Chatelaine Necklace Workshop

On Saturday, our first workshop was by Charlotte Lyons. We made this extremely useful and groovy chatelaine. With as much embroidering as I do, I think I’ll have this thing on all of the time.


We made the little strawberry pin cushion from tie-dyed velvet and added little beads for seeds. Seed beads…how can I be SO funny? My little charm reads: There is a fountain. That is one of my favorite hymns and Heather gave me that hymn sheet during our soldering class, so I used it in this class, too.


Here we are!


Oops! It looks like Joan’s chatelaine is in motion. But, then, again, Joan is usually in motion. She even taught Emily, who we enjoyed visiting with at our table, how to crochet a chain to add to her chatelaine. Go, Joan! Go, Emily!


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My “Tool Box”

As I’ve mentioned, both of my gramas taught me to embroider. Throughout my childhood, my Grama Coffman would reach into this box to get some embroidery thread for my projects.


Don’t you just love the flowers?


And now I reach into it every single day to get my embroidery thread–and my needles, thimbles, scissors–for my projects. I even keep my projects, themselves, in this box.


Groovy, eh?

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Who’s Got the Thimble?

I have the thimble! I use this thimble almost every day. Isn’t it groovy?

I got it out of a loose “collection” of thimbles that belonged to my grama. Both of my gramas taught me to embroider and this particular grama always had a pillowcase project for me to work on when I visited her for extended periods during the summers. So, I love slipping this thimble on my middle finger (it fits perfectly) every day and thinking of her.

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