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Ob-la-Di, Ob-La-Da

Life goes on.

Life = holding a new granddaughter, Jemima Josephine!

Life = getting sick for the first time in recent memory.

Life = welcoming Stephen, Amelia and Harriet back to Custer County.

Life = training for the new part time job.

Life = making plans for expanding the bakery’s wares.

Life = dealing with Peter’s behaviors.

And, apparently, Life does NOT equal crafting or blogging regularly.

La, la how the Life goes on.


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Thinking About Good vs. Best

No, this blog post is NOT about perfectionism, the bane of mankind. I could go off on a rant about the bondage of perfectionism and how detrimental it is to everyone. But I will spare you — and, anyway, I wrote about that extensively in my 365 Days with Flylady blog.

No, what I have been thinking about is, what is good for our family and what is BEST for our family? There are so many, many good things to do. We can participate in a whirlwind of activities, all good. But even good detracts from BEST, God’s best.

I kind of thought I had a handle on this for awhile, but then the good opportunities start creeping in. And if we don’t participate in some of these good opportunities, I start to feel that we might be judged…as what? Anti-social? Un-caring? By whom? Our brothers and sisters in Christ? Strangers?

When I hear God’s quiet voice urging me to be home more (even though I think that we are home quite a bit) and to really focus on the gifts with which He has blessed us — and using and developing those gifts to their fullest — I think about obedience to Him. By whom should I care to be judged? By Him, of course.

While it is difficult for me to sort out and discern His direction totally clearly at this point, I have this niggling thought that what He has in mind is using us to His glory. (Okay, that was said tongue-in-cheek — of course that is what He is up to!) I am straining to hear His direction and am seeking His wisdom….

I abhor vagueness in blogging, facebook, etc. So, I am not deliberately attempting to be vague. I, myself, am not quite sure what we are being led to do. I think it has something to do with upping our music and art focus, though.

So…stay tuned, as always.

And, speaking of music, here are some photos from a recent piano recital in which Eleanor and Margaret participated!





Big ending!


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